Triton TWX7 Workcentre

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Versatile woodworking station with a multitude of accessories for tackling any woodworking task. Built-in mains isolated switch connector for connecting power tools, with knee-off stop button function. Includes clamping table module with 40 x 20mm dia holes for securing workpieces. Easy-to-fit module inserts quickly transform the Workcentre into the tool desired by the operator. Module levelling screws for simple surface level calibration result in a perfectly flat work surface. Positioning wheels improve manoeuvrability, for small position adjustments. Folds down compactly for convenient transportation. Accessories available include Precision Router Table Module, Side Support, Outfeed Support, Rugged Transit Kit, Rugged Transit Wheels, Protractor Assembly, Rugged Transit Handle, Precision Saw Table Module and Project Saw Module.

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Product Height


Product Length


Product Width


Working Height


Table Width


Table Length


Folded Height


Out Feed Extension

670mm (from centre of table)

Side Support Extension

600mm (from centre of table)

Rip Fence Extension

620mm (either side of table centre)

Max. Static Working Load


Net Weight


Specification TWX7 Workcentre

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Triton TWX7 Contractor Saw Module TWX7CS001 Triton TWX7 Router Table Module TWX7RT001 Triton TWX7 Project Saw Module TWX7PS001

TWX7 Workcentre Base Unit/Work Table

Contractor Saw Module


Router Table Module


910W Project Saw 127mm


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Product Features

Versatile woodworking station with a multitude of accessories for the capacity to tackle any woodworking task

Built-in mains isolator switch with knee-off function for connecting power tools

Easy to fit module inserts quickly transform the workcentre into a variety of bench-mounted tools

Positioning wheels greatly improve manoeuvrability for small position adjustments

Module levelling screws for perfect surface calibration

Folds down compactly for convenient transportation and storage

Dual T-track rails for accessory mounting compatible with leading accessory systems

Aluminium extruded side rails for future extension accessories

Purpose-built storage hangers for convenient and tidy storage of accessories

Module levelling screws for accurate table level adjustments, resulting in more consistent work pieces

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