Triton Dual Mode Precision Router TRA001

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Don’t you wish sometimes you could design the perfect power tool for your needs! Well that’s just how the new TRA001 was developed. Designed by woodworkers for woodworkers! From the ground up, the Multi-Award Winning TRA001 has been the benchmark in professional Routers around the world since its release. Key features range from a powerful 2400W soft start electronically controlled motor that automatically maintains speed under load, to side mounted cooling vents that ensure minimal sawdust entering the motor housing when mounted upside down in a router table. The best ideas are often the simplest and the 3 stage pre-set height adjustment system is a perfect example of this. It only takes seconds to remove the plunge return spring which then allows for easy lifting and adjustment of the machine when mounted in a router table. One of the most significant features of this machine is its ability to switch from a conventional plunge router to a fixed base mode router with rack and pinion height adjustment with a simple turn of the dial. Safety has also been carefully considered, especially where bit changes are concerned. The automatic spindle lock will only engage when the power switches safety cover is closed, ensuring the tool cannot be switched on during this procedure. Add to that the unique feature of changing cutters above the router table with one spanner and now height adjust with winder handle above the table.

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Micro Winder enables continuous fine adjustment through full plunge range.

Soft Start and Variable Speed (with maintenance under load) provides the perfect speed for all cutter types.

Removable Plunge Spring for easy bit adjustment when table mounted

Mode Switch conversion activates conventional plunge to Rack and Pinion Mode

Switching From a Plunge to a Fixed Base Router with rack and pinion adjustment is as simple turning a dial.

Quick Access Brushes allows the end user to change worn brushes.

Safety Switch Shutter locks closed in bit change mode to prevent power on

2400W Motor  provides enough power for even the toughest timbers.

3 Stage Turret with direct reading scales for precise preset cut depths.

Side Air Vents reduce intake of dust into the motor casing when mounted upside-down in a router table.

Multi-function fence provides excellent control for hand-held use and circle cutting included

Router Template Guide Kit TGA250 (Triton TRA/MOF001 Routers only)

7 popular imperial sized guide bushes  O.D’s 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16” 1/2”, 5/8”, 51/64”, 3/4”, 30mm. Optional accessory.

Fit and remove cutters above the table with one spanner. Automatic spindle lock and safety switch lock.

Technical Specifications

Power                          2400W   

Speed                          8000 - 21000rpm speed maintenance under load

Soft Start                     Yes           

Electronic Speed         Yes    


Collet                           1/2” and 12mm                

Depth Adjustment        1. Winder Handle Rack and Pinion

                                    2. Micro Winder

                                    3. Conventional “free” plunge

Plunge Range              0 - 68mm

Bit Changes                 Through-base, single wrench action, auto shaft  lock

Micro Adjustment         Infinite

Spindle Lock               Auto

Safety Power              Yes


Removable Plunge     Yes


Guide                          Extended baseplate with adjustable fence

Weight                         6kg (13lbs)



Quick-fit Pins for fast attachment to Triton Router Table RTA300

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