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Biscuits (Bag of 500) Code BJA056




Triton Router and Jigsaw Stand RSA300

Using this extra   stand with the Router Table, leaves the Workcentre

set up with the saw for greater convenience.

The stand is fitted with an on/off switch with socket for Router.

It has adjustable legs so it can be used on all sorts of uneven ground

and also has adjustable height.

The legs can be stored within the stand and folds flat which makes it

easy to store and transport anywhere you want to use it.

Triton Wheel Kit AWA100

A pair of wheels provides easier mobility for the router and Jigsaw

Stand. Fits RSA/RSB Router Stands and Saw Table TCB100.

Triton Mini Sliding Extension Table ETA100

Huge capacity and easy to read calibration scales allow one person to effortlessly cut large sheets. Fits Workcentre, Router Stand and Compact Saw.

Table can be locked in position for conventional gripping of long work pieces. The mini can handle sheets up to 1000mm (3ft 3 inches)

Table can also slide for use as a panel saw with full mitre capacity.   It can crosscut up to 600mm (2ft) - depending on saw size.

Free standing outer track allows operator to walk behind the sliding table, in full control.

Dismantles in seconds and takes up very little space, hanging on a wall or standing in a Corner.

To view Maxi

Table for use

With the Triton

Workcentre series

2000 click here

Triton Finger Jointer FJA300

The Finger Jointer fits straight to the Triton Router Table and creates easy and accurate decorative box joints.

It makes accurate ¼” and ½” joints in any board thickness from

3mm (⅛”) to 32mm (1¼”)

It cuts several joints at the same time.

The FJA 300 Finger jointer is compatible with the RTA300

Triton Router Table.

Triton Jigsaw Kit AJA300

This kit will give exceptional control of your Jigsaw for accurate

curves and feature work.

It features an overhead blade stabiliser and an adjustable hold-

down pressure for steady operation.

The quick-mount clamps ensure fast removal and re-fitting of the


It also features dust extraction for continuous visibility of the cut.

This Jigsaw Kit suits most Jigsaws and  fits the Triton Router

Table RTA300 only.

The Jigsaw Kit is not suitable for other Router Tables.

Triton Router/Jigsaw Mounting Plate AJA150

This Plate suits most Routers for cross trenching on the Triton 2000

and Mk3 Workcentres.

It also suits fitting of most Jigsaws for use with early model Triton

Router and Jigsaw Tables ( prior to  Model RTA300 )

Suits most ¼” and ½” routers .

It is not suitable for “D” handle models.

Triton Precision Routers are recommended.

Triton Biscuit Joiner BJA300

Fit the Triton unique Biscuit Joiner to your Router Table RTA300

for fast strong and invisible joints.  Ideal for right angle joints,

mitres, bevels, rail-to-stile, edge-to-edge, end-to-end, rail-to-post,

edge-to-face and other forms of edge joinery.

Once installed, the Biscuit Joiner takes only

seconds to remove and refit.

It includes TCT cutter and pack of biscuits.

It suits ¼” and  ½” routers.


Triton Biscuits BJA050 (pack of 50)

Pack of 50 Biscuits.

Triton Biscuits BJA056 (Bag of 500)

Router and Jigsaw Stand 240V Code  RSB300



Wheel Kit for Router Stand Code AWA100




Mini Sliding Extension Table ETA100



Finger Jointer Code FJA300



Jigsaw Kit Code AJA300



R.R.P.Price: £72.65

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Router Mounting Plate Code AJA150




Biscuit joiner System (fits RTA300) Code BJA300



Biscuits (Pack of 50) Code BJA050




Replacement Cutters

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Replacement Cutters

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Triton Router Table RTA300 Accessories

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Link to Spares Diagram and Price List

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Link to Manual

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