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You don’t need to be a professional woodworker for craftsman-like results. With a Triton Workcentre and a circular saw you’ll be amazed at how easily and accurately you can make quality furniture, toys, craft items and household renovations. As a stand-alone unit the Triton Workcentre offers amazing versatility, unparalleled by any other product. With the addition of Triton quality accessories, it becomes a complete woodworking system. Although the Triton Workcentre was designed to work seamlessly with Triton’s own range of power tools, careful consideration was taken to ensure that there is an almost 100% compatibility with just about any other brand of powertool on the market with generic fittings included for your convenience.    

Clear Guard

Adjustable in height with material downward pressure fingers and riving knife

Aluminium Fence

Reversible and fully adjustable . Doubles as support for 45° bevel cuts.

Sliding push stick

Increase support and safety when ripping to  a fine thickness

Integrated Rulers

Allow for accurate adjustments of the fence both ends

Rip fence locking handles

Allows for rapid locking and releasing of the fence at both ends

All steel construction

Body and table, is powder coated for extended life and durability.

Local Power Switch

Controls power to the power tool with quick stop panel for added safety

Folding legs for

Compact storage and easy transportation.

Cross cut table height

adjustment  suits all circular saw sizes

Cross cut fence

Storage remains at the ready for when operating in cross cut mode

3 sided protractor

Is fully adjustable and locks with side pressure finger

Table Saw Mode

move the timber, not the tool

Rip planks, beams or sheet material easily, accurately and safely.

Rip fence extends to 620mm (24”) from the blade and enables you to handle large sheets.

Crosscut and mitre cut without re-adjusting, using the unique three sided protractor.

Reversible rip fence provides a 45° face for accurate bevel and chamfers of any length.

Cuts rebates, grooves and tenons.

45° Bevel Cuts

Mitre Cuts

Router Table

Table Saw Mode

Cross Cut Mode

From table saw to crosscut saw in 40 seconds

Cross Cut Mode

move the tool, not the timber

Accurately crosscut long or heavy workpieces including beams, posts, studs, shelves and mouldings by moving the saw not the wood.

Cuts compound bevel mitres by angling the blade and the wood.

Crosscuts up to 500mm (19 11/16”) wide and vitually double the depth of cut of your saw by making cuts from opposite faces.

Easy mitre, bevel and rebate joints.


Router Plate

Mitre Saw

Bevel Saw

Technical Specification







Most Circular Saws 184mm-235mm (71/4”)

Rip: 0-620mm (24”0

Crosscut: Up to 500mm (1911/16”) wide

Rip, mitre, 45° bevel rip, crosscut, bevel crosscut & compound mitre.

Standing: 900mm x 600mm x 1300mm

Folded:   350mm x 440mm x 1000mm

Table:    870mm x 640mm

35kg. (77lbs) (plus powertool)


Height Winder

Router Table

Overhead Router Plate

Sliding Extension Table

Bevel Ripping Guide

Planer Attachment

Dust Collector

Dust Bag


Sanding Disc

Saw Stabilising Bracket

Power Tools not included

Power Tools not included

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