Triton Tools Gallery of User Projects

Wanted, photographs of your Triton Tools projects no matter how big or small. e-mail them to me


One of my customers in Australia (hi Chris) made this amazing Marble Machine toy as a present for his Grandchildren.

To see it in action, its worth a look, visit the following link

Its been added to my list of projects to do when I get time. It will keep the grandkids occupied for hours.

Chris also made the bedside table below  from Tasmanian  Blackwood  and Eucalyptus  using mortice and tenon joinery both done using the router. You can see the precision that has gone into this with the drawer fit and nice straight lines and sharp edges.

Wilf made this workshop chest of drawers mainly using the RTA300 Router Table and his MOF001 Router. He made a simple box jig in order to make the drawers which ensures getting them all accurately the same size and saves time as well. Wonder whats in those drawers!

I often get asked about insetting the RTA300 Router Table into a bench top or similar, particularly useful if you are short of space. Wilf has done exactly that as you can see in these pictures. It also has the advantage of increasing table size. Attached to the bench is an NVR switch and a double socket in order to use router and vac at the same time. Wilf also has a piece of 19mm ply which covers the whole area to protect the router table when the bench is used as a bench. This bench also has wheels  making easy to move about.

Picture on the left shows a jig Wilf made for planing using the Router Table. Very useful for getting multiple pieces all the same size. A jig such as this also gives constant side pressure against the cutter. Be careful though because there is no escape route for the wood should the unexpected happened and always feed against cutter rotation. If the cutter grabs it will come back towards you at a fair pace and force.