About Dennis Leverett

I am one of the original TRITON 2000 WORKCENTRE distributors and have been selling


My first dealings with TRITON  was back in 1997 when I met GEORGE LEWIN* who is the

original inventor of TRITON.  I spent a few days with him talking about the possibility of

becoming a Distributor of the TRITON series 2000 in this country.  With my engineering

background I immediately realised what a fantastic product this was.  I immediately recognised

the genius of GEORGE LEWIN’s* ideas and the superb quality of all the Triton Products.  I

also recognised the huge potential it had within my own business of designing and fitting

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Studies.

Therefore, since 1997 myself (and my fitters) have used the TRITON  Workcentre and it’s

accessories on site and in my workshop.  I can offer vast knowledge and hand’s on experience

with TRITON tools that no one else can offer.

I have sold TRITON to professional Woodworkers,  including Carpenters, Kitchen and Bedroom

Fitters, Property Renovators etc and so far have yet to receive any negative comments.  Many

Professionals have told me that they can get results as accurate as machines costing £1000’s

and I certainly agree with that!

I am not just a Retailer of TRITON, I also give a personal service, taking time with my

customers to make sure you make the right purchase for the project you want to undertake.

MY COMMITMENT to YOU, the customer, is to offer a service second to none backed up with

honesty and integrity.

Words come easy, you can  e-mail me at any time and I will be here to

help you with any problems, queries or questions you may have with any product I have sold you.

I can also offer advice about any product you are considering purchasing from me.   I can

also offer demonstrations of products so that you can see the benefits of the range for yourself.


 *See The History Of Triton