Woodrack WRA001

This rack provides a generous storage capacity for items

such as timber, piping and any other long items up to a

weight of 50kg (110lbs) per level.

The Rack can be mounted internally or externally,  and suits

garages, sheds, workshops or external fences or walls, giving

flexibility for your storage needs.  

Has six levels of storage.

Installing the Woodrack is both easy and quick.

Multi-Stand MSA200

This multi purpose accessory is a handy piece of equipment for working on site or at home. Its advanced method of handling materials and supporting work makes this an accessory any Woodworker must have.

The benefits of the stand are unlike any conventional

roller stands.  The low friction slide surfaces provide a

smooth and controlled travel without unwanted steering of the work piece.  They ensure that your work only moves when you want it to.

The Multi-stand features an extra wide tripod base. This

gives you extra stability on all types of surfaces uneven

or not.

The head of the Multi-Stand can  swivel and tilt to enable wood to be clamped for numerous applications for your

woodworking projects.

The stand also folds easily for transportation to and from from site and is compact for storage.

Height adjusts from 635mm (25”)To 940mm (37”)

Supports over 100kg (220 lbs)

Woodrack Code WRA001




Multi-Stand code MSA200




Triton Woodrack WRA001 and Multi-Stand MSA200

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Link to Spares Diagram and Price List

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