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Triton Series 2000 Workcentre Accessories

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Bevel Ripping Guide - BRA200

The guide enables accurate bevels and chamfers from 15° through to 90°.

it makes use of the Workcentre protractor for control of short bevels and perfect compound mitres.

It is fully adjustable, enabling you to bevel rip or chamfer long and wide pieces.

It is compatible with the Series 2000 Workcentre.

There is an adapter kit available to suit the MK3 Workcentre. You will need the Bevel Ripping Guide - Model BRA100 for the Triton Powered Saw Table and

Compact Saw Table.                                        

Workcentre Dust Bag - Code DCA250

Protect your health and keep your Workshop clean with the Triton Workcentre Dust Bag.  Combined with a vacuum connection to the overhead guard, it collects almost 100% of the dust created in table saw mode.


Dust Collector - Code DCA300

The Dust Collector, complete with canister pipe and vacuum connector prevents the saw dust filling up or clogging your vacuum cleaner.  It has  a 20 litre capacity. Can also be used with all Triton products with dust extraction ports.


Dust Collection Upgrade Pack - Code DCA001

This is available as an upgrade for the MK3 WORKCENTRE.

Maxi Sliding Extension Table - Code ETA300

Huge capacity and easy to read calibration scales allow one person to effortlessly cut large


Table can be locked in position for conventional ripping of long work pieces.  The maxi can

handle sheets up to 1200mm (4ft) wide.

Table can also slide for use as a panel saw with full mitre capacity.  It can crosscut up to

1200mm (4ft) - depending on saw size.

Free standing outer track allows operator to walk behind the sliding table, in full control.,

and is fully adjustable for uneven ground

Dismantles in seconds and takes up very little space, hanging on a wall or standing in a


NOTE:The ETA100  Mini Sliding Table is also

available for use with The Triton 2000 Workcentre.

Handles sheets up to

1000mm (3ft 3inches.)

Can crosscut up to

600mm (2ft)

Saw Stabilising Bracket - Code ABA020

Tightens up saws with loose or worn mountings, while allowing full blade height and angle adjustment.

Retractable Wheel Kit - Code AWA200

A pair of retractable wheels provide easier mobility for the Series

2000 Workcentre.  They cope with rough terrain and can even climb


Blade Height Winder Kit - Code WCA390

Provides quick and precise blade height adjustment.

Controls blade height by a winder through the table slot or by a knob (in crosscut mode).

 Allows your saw to remain at its full depth, in its most stable position.

The above kit is compatible with the  latest style pressed steel slide

 Workcentre Chassis only.  

 (Please see below for the Saw Slide Chassis Upgrade Kit (WCA400)

     Saw Slide Chassis Upgrade Kit- Code WCA400

Quick release saw clamps mean the saw can be removed in 10 seconds

      for hand held use, and can be accurately re-fitted just as fast.

Cam adjusters are included for easy fitting and aligning of the Triton

      precision Circular Saw.

An optional accessory Blade Height Winder WCA390 above can be

fitted to this  chassis.  This allows your saw to remain locked at full

depth, in its  most rigid position.  

The blade height is accurately controlled by a  winder through the  Table slot.

The WCA400 is compatible with the Series 2000 and MK 3


It accepts most circular saws from 184mm (7 1/4”) to 235mm (9 1/4”).

Planer Attachment Kit - Code EPB001 (EPB001V)

Accuracy -Combines the clean finish of an electric planer with the rigid guidance of a Triton Workcentre - for perfectly smooth, straight faces on all your work.

Clean -There is a dust hose and detachable collection bag included

for a cleaner environment.

Safe -Protection from the planer cutters is provided by a spring-loaded safety guard.  It includes a separate switch box with safety shut off for independent operation of your planer.

Convenient - It quickly folds for fast changes between planer and saw modes.  When not in use it can be left folded or quickly and easily detach for storage.

The Workcentre fence is used to guide the work through the planer to produce a straight and true face.  Inaccuracy from the planer shoe, following the work, is eliminated.  Remove a fraction of a mm with each cut - or up to 3mm each pass if your planer is up to the job.

During the cut, adjustable pressure fingers hold your work piece against the fence, preventing the timber from wandering and being cut unevenly or out of parallel.  All you need to do is push your material through for a perfect result every time.

The Planer Attachment Kit accepts fitting of most 82mm planers.


Dust Collector DCA300




Workcentre Dust Bag DCA250



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Bevel Ripping Guide BRA200



Dust Collection Upgrade Pack  DCA001




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Maxi Sliding Extension Table ETA300




Saw Stabilising Bracket ABA020




Retractable Wheel Kit AWA200




Blade Height Winder Kit WCA390




Planer Attachment Kit 240V  EPB001




Saw Slide Upgrade Kit WCA400




Faceplate Sanding Disc

This high tensile sanding disc replaces the saw blade to give rapid removal of material for rounding or squaring. Ideal for end grain use. The sanding papers are self-adhesive

Faceplate Sanding Discs





Replacement Sanding Sheets




Faceplate Sanding Disc 184mmx20/16mm bore


Faceplate Sanding Disc 210mmx25/16mm bore


Faceplate Sanding  230mm  35mm bore with bush to25/16mm      

Out of Stock

Faceplate Sanding Disc 230mmx35/30 bore

Out of Stock

Replacement Sanding Discs 184 2x60, 1x120 grit

Out of Stock

Replacement Sanding Discs 200 2x60, 1x120 grit


Out of Stock

Replacement Sanding Discs 230 2x60, 1x120 grit

Out of Stock

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